park rules
  • Prohibited to introduce, Beer, Liquor, glass, objects to carve, pets, drugs, weapons of any kind that present risk to people or users. Once confiscated, it will not be returned.
  • El vergel reserves the right of admission as well as to inspect coolers and backpacks.
  • Use the showers before entering the pools.
  • Wear only appropriate swimwear, we don NOT allow, denim shorts, slacks, fishermen, shorts with bags, belts or shorts with metal objects, shorts should not go over the knee or use it at the waist.
  • Prohibited the use of t-shirts not allowed to perform water activities.
  • Every baby under 3 years of age should use a special diaper for water.
  • Bad behavior is not allowed, as well as speaking or expressing oneself with high-sounding words.
  • Please respect the instructions of the attendant or lifeguard at all times, by not obeying the regulation will be reason to be expelled from the park without refund of your money.
  • Gas Mines are not allowed.
  • Access to macotas is not allowed.
  • Speakers are not allowed.

    Note: All attractions may not be working, there will be no refund for reduced operations.

    If you have any questions please call us at
    (664) 621-3066
    or write us at


Wear a mask at all times (it can only be removed to eat and drink ONLY at your table, as well as when using the slides and swimming.
Adults over 65 and pregnant women should stay home. Temperature check when entering the park Go through a sanitizing mat. KEEP DISTANCE AT ALL TIMES
likewise when making lines to enter the park, when using the slides, toilets, and when buying drinks and food.
Wash hands frequently. Sneeze Into Your Elbow.

Camino al Vergel 1, Tijuana, B.C. Mexico CP 22540
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